How to wear ?

Place cloth pad on panty. Fold wing downward, snap button and done!


Wear snug fit panty to help prevent cloth pad movement and spillage.

How to fold soiled cloth?

Keep soiled pad in wetbag / waterproof bag when travel.

How to wash & care

Rinse soiled cloth pad under running water. Use a little laundy soap and gently scrub with hands.


Soak in salt or vinegar (if needed) for 15-20 minute to remove stubborn stain.


Wash off soap and rinse clean. Machine wash if preferable. Spin tumble dry only. Do not use heat dryer machine.


Line dry under sun. UV rays in sunlight act as anti bacterial agent.


All  about

Yuhmico Cloth Pad

2 layer water proof layer

Last up to 3-5* years 

NO stitch trough fabric

NO 'wing' over spill

Wide  crotch area allow extra liquid absorbance

Athletic wicking jersey top absorb liquid faster and spread to all over  fabric

Hang Ribbon

I'm ready to switch. How many pad I need to start?

Usually in one menstrual cycle, you need at least 12-15 pieces cloth pad. Assuming that you use 4 or 5 pads daily, you need to have pads enough for 2-3 days supply. Use-wash-dry and can be reuse again for the next cycle day.

How many hours and when to change?

Cloth pad should be able to hold 3-5 hours of menstrual fluid, according to your menstrual flow and should be change in every 6 hours.

Will it leak? How to care pad when I'm out ?

Yuhmico Cloth Pad is equip with waterproof layer but over flow will happen if you're late in changing pad during heavy flow. Yuhmico Cloth Pad Top layer fabric is easy to wash and does not leaves stain. Keep your soiled pad in wetbag when you are outside until you are able to wash them.

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