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What is


Cloth pad was used way before disposable sanitary pads become popular and commercialized. Yuhmico cloth pad is a modernized version cloth pad with variety of absorbance fabrics and waterproof layer that works just as good, some says better than disposable pads.

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Menstrual cup is alternative choice for tampon user. Works just like tampon but instead of absorbing fluid, it collect fluid.  Comes with variety of style and capacity.


Here at Yuhmico Cloth Pad & Menstrual cup, we have tried quite a lot of menstrual cup styles and finally we have selected a few type of cup from regular to low cervix cup that are more suitable for petite Asian women. Drop us question here to know more about menstrual cup

Menstrual Cup

Why SWITCH to reusable menstrual product?

100% Toxin  FREE & 100% Risk FREE. Safe and hygienic.


Reusable and Eco friendly menstrual product that help reduce single use plastic.


Easy to use, clean & care. Comes in variety of sizes, material and capacity.



Reuse Cloth pad for 5 years menstrual cup for 10 years Save money in the long run.


Truth and Danger

of disposable pads

1  disposable pad is equal to 4 plastic bag and takes up to 500 years to break down.


Due to using disposable pads, women claim to have allergy, itch and rashes



Chemicals used in disposable pad making process left toxin residue that can cause cancer and infertility.

11,000 + pcs

Average amount of disposable pads and pantiliners a women use in her lifetime.

150 KG

Average amount of menstrual waste A women throw in her life time and end up in landfill


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