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Taman Mahkota Putra,

25300 Kuantan, Pahang MY    +6013 986 5668

Yuhmico Cloth Pad & Menstrual Cup   (CA0193656-X)

How Yuhmico start

Yuhmico is a home based business founded in 2010, solely run by a WAHM. Inspired by our newly born baby boy, we started with small sewing projects such as baby diapers, baby carriers, pantiliners and such. Some of this project were documented on our personal sewing blog.


After a while, the mere project which started as a hobby, begin receiving orders from friends and fellow FB acquaintance. With overwhelming respond over Yuhmico product, we began seriously making handmade item in 2011, specialize in Cloth Pads and women stuff.


The great responds and feedback are the things that fuel us to keep moving and keep producing special Handmade Cloth Pad. Early 2012, Yuhmico was registered as a company with SSM under the registration license CA0193656-X.

Advocating #ZerowastePeriod

Yuhmico welcome anybody from organizations, schools or simply a group of get together ladies to discuss any topic related to Cloth Pad and Menstrual stuff.


We are keen on advocating and sharing our experience on how 'Cloth Pad is such a life changing experience' and also to provide guide on how to start Cloth Pad-ing journey. Find us at our monthly booth, to find out more about this.


For you ladies who is an avid user of Cloth Pad or other Reusable Menstrual Stuff with more than 1 year experience, do drop us an email or comment. We would love to hear from you!

Our hope and dream

Yuhmico Cloth Pad & Menstrual Cup aims to spread awareness and educate women especially in Malaysia to make the change from disposable pads to reusable Cloth Pad. We really hope to bring a different to our world in doing our part to help reduce a huge amount of waste worldwide.


Also, in buying Yuhmico product you will be helping to support small local business women. So purchasing cloth pads maybe your first step in helping many other smaller businesses like us, therefore we Thank You from the bottom of our heart.

Empowering trough Sewing

For the past year, Yuhmico Cloth Pad & Menstrual Cup has started to conduct a series of sewing class on 'How to make your own cloth pad' to further encourage women to sew and wear Cloth Pad.  This is a basic Cloth Pad 101 class - from knowing and choosing your material to sewing your own cloth pad.


With a small fee for the Cloth Pad starter kit consist of material, pattern and Youtube tutorial for online and also studio participant. Some successful students are now making and selling their own pads using Yuhmico's Cloth Pad pattern. We hope to continue empowering women to start their own home based business with Cloth Pad.

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